About Us


The Forest Products Development & Marketing Council of Guyana Inc. (FPDMC) was established in December 2005. Following a thorough review of the FPDMC mandate and board composition, the Forest Products Development & Marketing Council of Guyana Inc. (FPDMC) was formally launched on October 14th 2008.


To be a lead organization in the development, marketing and promotion of Guyana's forest products.


To promote the sustainability of Guyana’s forest products industry by increasing value adding and improving its competitiveness through improved industry capability, enhanced market access and increased trade opportunities.


To work with stakeholders to improve the quality and quantity of processed forest products both for the domestic market and for exports through targeted industry development initiatives, and to provide appropriate technological and market intelligence information to stakeholders. The Council will aim to carry out this role through a focus on, but not limited to providing support for:
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Quality and Legality Assurance
  • Branding
  • Development of Lesser Used Species (LUS)
  • Market Intelligence/Promotion
  • Training
  • Expanding the National consumption of timber and developing new markets overseas

Forest Products Development & Marketing Council

As the lead organization in the marketing and promotion of Guyana’s forest products, The Forest Products Development & Marketing Council of Guyana is committed to:
  • being the industry benchmark for quality and professionalism;
  • getting it right the first time;
  • ensuring that our services meet the quality standards our clients expect from us; and
  • continually updating our expertise for the benefit of our clients.

Specific Aims And Objectives

  • Industry development in terms of upgrading managerial and technical know-how, to enable the industry to become market ready.
  • Market awareness of Guyana’s forest and wood products both domestically and internationally, particularly in promoting its lesser used species, and
  • Market information dissemination to the industry (including intelligence), through formal marketing research activities.