Forest Products Development & Marketing Council


A Forestry Revolving Loan Fund Committee (FRFLC)[1] shall be set up by the Ministry of Finance for the following purposes:

  1. General oversight of implementation of the FRF
  2. Provision of support in the identification of prospective eligible borrowers
  3. Provide support to beneficiaries to satisfy requirements to access loans

Composition and Funding of the Forestry Revolving Loan Fund Committee[2]

  1. The FRFLC shall be composed of seven members
  2. The members shall serve for a term of three years
  3. The Committee shall consist of the following persons:-
    • Two representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources
    • Two representatives from the Guyana Forestry Commission
    • One representative from Demerara Bank Limited
    • One representative from  the Forest Products Association
    • One representative from the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association