Forest Products Development & Marketing Council



Guyana’s timber marketing sector is governed by a variety of laws and regulations designed to promote sustainable forest management and ensure the legality and traceability of timber products. Some of the key regulations governing the sector include:

The Forests Act (2009): This legislation provides for the management, protection, and sustainable utilization of Guyana’s forest resources. The Act establishes the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) as the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the forest sector, including timber harvesting, processing, and marketing.

The Forest Regulations (2012): These regulations provide more detailed guidance on the management of Guyana’s forest resources. They cover a range of topics including the allocation of forest concessions, the issuance of permits for timber harvesting and processing, and the monitoring of forest activities.

National Forest Policy 2011: This policy document sets out the government’s vision for the forestry sector in Guyana and provides a framework for sustainable forest management. It outlines the principles, goals, and objectives for forest management and guides the development of legislation, regulations, and policies related to forestry.

The Timber Marketing and Utilization Regulations: These regulations govern the marketing of timber products in Guyana. They establish procedures for the grading, measuring, and pricing of timber, and require that all timber products be properly marked and labeled.

The Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting: This document provides guidelines for the sustainable harvesting of timber in Guyana. It covers topics such as the selection of trees for harvesting, the use of proper equipment and techniques, and the minimization of damage to the forest ecosystem.

The Legality Assurance System (LAS): The LAS is a system designed to ensure that all timber products exported from Guyana are legal and traceable. The system requires that all timber products be tracked from the forest concession to the point of export, and that they be accompanied by a valid export permit and other documentation.

Timber Harvesting and Trade Regulations 2019: These regulations provide for the sustainable harvesting, processing, and trade of timber in Guyana. They establish the requirements for timber harvesting, processing, and trade licenses and set out the standards for timber products.

Environmental Protection Act 1996: This Act provides for the protection and conservation of the environment in Guyana. It outlines the legal framework for environmental impact assessments and establishes penalties for violations of environmental regulations.

Wildlife Conservation and Management Act 2016: This Act provides for the conservation and sustainable use of wildlife in Guyana. It regulates the hunting, capturing, and trading of wildlife and establishes penalties for violations of wildlife conservation regulations.

Amerindian Act 2006: This Act provides for the recognition and protection of the rights of Amerindian communities in Guyana, including their rights to traditional lands and resources, including forest resources.

These Acts and regulations are enforced by the Guyana Forestry Commission, which has the authority to issue fines, suspend or revoke permits, and take other measures to ensure compliance with the law. The goal of these regulations is to promote the sustainable and responsible management of Guyana’s forest resources, while also supporting the growth and development of the country’s timber industry.