Forest Products Development & Marketing Council


Understanding the enormous contribution of Guyana’s ecosystems to the world’s health and economy, as well as Guyana’s role as one of the world’s most important countries for biodiversity conservation, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali has renewed and expanded Low-Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) 2030.

The Low Carbon Development Strategy built on the platform provided by the monitoring, reporting and verification system (MRVS) focuses on harnessing Guyana’s unique advantages to create a new low-carbon economy by establishing incentives which value the world’s ecosystem services, and promoting these as an essential component of a new model of global development with sustainability at its core.

The LCDS 2030 sets out four inter-linked objectives for Guyana, the first three of which were the basic objectives of the LCDS since 2009 and the fourth of which was added to reflect new local and global realities:

• Value Ecosystem Services

• Invest in Clean Energy and Stimulate Low Carbon Growth

• Protect Against Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss

• Align with Global Climate and Biodiversity Goals

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