Forest Products Development & Marketing Council


The Government of Guyana aims to alleviate the pressures on its primary wood species by diversifying the range of commercial species utilized in our wood products sector by the development and promotion of lesser used species (LUS), as part of a multi-pronged strategy to sustainably manage Guyana’s State Forests and preserve its rich biodiversity.

The Forest Products Development and Marketing Council (FPDMC) plays a key role in encouraging the harvesting and marketing of a wider range of different species, including LUS to meet and surpass their consumer needs.

As utilizing LUS in applications such as decking, flooring, mouldings or veneer have been deemed to have the technical qualities and availability to affordably meet the needs of architects, designers, manufacturers, and consumers.

The FPDMC has published a handbook titled ‘A Guide to Lesser-Known Tropical Timber Species’ which groups those LUS into categories based on their properties. This handbook aims to help consumers identify and locate viable alternatives to traditionally-used species. It includes information on the key mechanical and physical properties and the potential suitability for end use applications of some of the Lesser Used Species available in Guyana.